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Pete Alfano

At a young age, I was introduced into the outdoors by a friend's father. Since that day, it has been my escape from the stressors of a "normal life".


In 2007, some friends and I created Whitetail Properties Real Estate. I can proudly say that today, we serve thousands of clients and have assembled a team of nearly 400 land specialists.


Owning and managing some of the best ranches in the country has given me an advantage over most other outfitters, as I own and manage all of our own properties. The team and I always put the land and wildlife in front of our wallets.


We've assembled a great team here at Western Flight Farms to ensure a successful hunt, whether we're chasing upland birds or in pursuit of giant Kansas whitetails.


Jason Ellsworth

Hey there! I'm Jason Ellsworth, and I'll be your host during your stay at the Buffalo Nickel Lodge at Western Flight Farms. I'm really excited to have you here and to share some incredible experiences with you.


What drives me is my genuine love for the outdoors and my passion for cooking. I've been fortunate to combine these passions with my hospitality skills to create a one-of-a-kind experience for our guests.


When you step into the lodge, I want you to feel like you're among friends and family. Making personal connections with our visitors is something I truly value. So, whether you're an experienced traveler or it's your first time at the lodge, my goal is to make you feel right at home and at ease.


I can't wait to share some hunting stories and outdoor adventures with you. The sense of camaraderie I feel with guests who share similar interests is what truly motivates me. It's like being part of an extended family here at the lodge.


And when it comes to food, I take great pride in showcasing the best of our region. I make sure to use locally-sourced meat, wild game, and fresh produce in our menu. I want you to experience the true flavors of this beautiful area during your stay.


Seeing the joy on our guests' faces as they savor our dishes or immerse themselves in the stunning natural surroundings is the greatest reward. Whether it's a carefully prepared meal or an exciting hunting adventure, I'm dedicated to making your experience with us absolutely unforgettable.


I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Buffalo Nickel Lodge, and I'm committed to making sure you have a fantastic and enjoyable stay with us. I can't wait to meet you and share my passion for the outdoors and hospitality with you. See you soon!

Courtney Green

Hey, y’all! I am an Alabama native with a great passion for the lifestyle we live and love as outdoors(wo)men, and I am very excited to share this lifestyle with you here in the beautiful state of Kansas.

I was born into a life in the outdoors, and I owe it to my dad for teaching me how to become the capable and ethical hunter that I am today. Whether I’m waiting for whitetail, chasing turkeys, watching waterfowl, or training hunting retrievers, if you’re trying to find me - your best bet is to look for me outside.

I began my professional career as a registered nurse, but it was inevitable that my passion for the outdoors would lead me to leave the medical field behind in order to pursue my dream of working in the outdoor industry. Taking that leap has been completely worth it! I have met an incredible number of fellow outdoorsmen, and I have been able to grow as both a hunter and as a person. It even set me on the path that led me to working here at Western Flight Farms. Now, you might be wondering what my favorite part of working here is. While numerous answers come to mind, I ultimately have to settle on: I get to bring my dog, Goose, to work with me! It’s truly a dream come true!

Welcome to Western Flight Farms, home of the Buffalo Nickel Lodge. I hope you have an unforgettable experience during your time with us, and that you are able to take a little piece of Kansas home with you.


Nick Kotze

​I was born in the Limpopo Province of South Africa and was privileged to grow up surrounded by Africa’s spectacular wildlife.


Having exceptional marksmen in my family, I was mentored from a young age on how to handle firearms and spent countless days in the field hunting problem animals in our citrus crops.


In 2009, I was lucky enough to represent my country in field sport shooting and won the gold in the junior category. After school, I did a 3 year Diploma in Nature Management, completed the South African Professional hunters course, and finished my National Pilot’s License.


Fast forward a few years of hunting dangerous game in the Limpopo Province, Botswana, and Zimbabwe - I was introduced to Pete Alfano who gave us the opportunity to start a new chapter in the United States of America. My beautiful wife, Sashkia, and my daughter, Livia, now call Kansas home.


In 2020, I had the opportunity to manage Hooray Ranch and also started my upland guiding career. And here we are at the present-day, managing and guiding game birds for Western Flight Farms.

Foggy Field

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